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Financial health touches every corner of our lives. From your job application to mortgage application to filing your taxes, each step in your financial journey is interconnected. We are a network of financial consultants that can help you take the right steps in your financial journey, whether you want to get your credit in order, manage your taxes, begin investing, or make a big purchase.

At Vinson Partners, we take a holistic approach to your finances that incorporates each aspect to ensure your long term financial health. Whether you’ve gotten off on the wrong financial footing or are starting a new financial journey, you’ve come to the right place. 

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About the founder

Ken Vinson

Credit Coach & Financial Consultant
Ken Vinson has first hand seen how holistic financial health can make or break many opportunities. Personally, he experienced challenges in his younger years and dedicated his career as a professional underwriter at a national bank to helping others avoid financial pitfalls.

Ken Vinson has over a decade of experience across the financial industry. As an underwriter for a national bank, Ken Vinson has assisted numerous clients over the years restore their credit and get on the right financial track. He works with a network of other partners to cover investment, real estate, insurance, and more to create a full financial services package that addresses all of your needs. Together with the other partners, Ken makes Vinson Partners your one-stop-shop for financial success.

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